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Robin D. Stone is a New York City based psychotherapist, coach and consultant who works to help you achieve your most optimal self. 

This Way Forward


I thought about writing my first blog post for some time. 

The looped tape of my thoughts went something like this: "I really need to start … really. Hmm. But wait. I’ve got a business to run, clients to coach, articles to write, a kid to raise, the fam, the girlfriends, the volunteering, the this, the that … hmm. Well, I don’t have to start it today. … Tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow …” 

A week went by, then two, then a month. And then I realized that I was thinking and excusing and not doing. Procrastination and paralysis, it’s called. 

Thoughtfulness has its place: You absolutely must bring your unique perspective and creativity to whatever you do. But when you think so much that your thinking leads to perseverating, or worse, allowing excuses to block your goals – then you end up not doing much else but thinking. 

Procrastination and paralysis is a close cousin of anxiety, which tends to stop by for a visit when you’re starting something new and when that something new requires you to change your habits or step outside of comfort zone. Like with starting a blog. Or committing to eat more healthfully and get regular exercise -- two cornerstones to a longer, happier, healthier life. 

How long have you been thinking about eating more fruit and veggies and less packaged stuff and exercising at least 30 minutes a day – and thinking about it so much that thinking has taken on a life of its own and blocked the path to doing? 

Now think about not thinking and instead commit to doing. But how to start? Where? When? Start by knowing the Universe will open up a path for you to move forward. You just need to take the first step. 

My blog will help you get unstuck from procrastination and paralysis -- to recognize the roadblocks to setting a new course for your health and your life. It will give you new ideas about healthy living and eating. It will introduce you to people who will inspire you toward your own personal goals. It is a glimpse of what I do in my Health Coaching practice: help clients get out of their own way to live their best lives. 

One client explained that it took so long for her to commit to a healthier lifestyle because "This changes everything." But she took the first step anyway, and four months later, she is realizing her health goals and her highest hopes for herself. 

Committing really does change everything. 

I encourage you to commit to one thing today to take better care of yourself. Give 5 minutes to deep, quiet thought. Add more greens to your plate at lunch and dinner. Drink a full glass of water with every meal. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. No analyzing or excusing. Just one thing, and now. 

Have a Healthy Day,